Coding Classes
in Coppell, Texas

For Teens and Adults

Start learning how to build websites, create apps and games using modern programming languages. No prior experience is required.

Free Online Class!

Beginning April 15th, CodeLab will be hosting a series of FREE online website programming classes. Classes will meet each Wednesday at 3PM CST for the next 6 weeks.

Each class will begin with a 45 minute instructor led lesson followed by 30 minutes of project time where students can ask questions and work on their own websites.

Please note that classes are geared for middle school students and up.

You will need the following to attend the class:

Please note that video, screen sharing, and chat are reserved for the instructor only. Students will not be able to communicate with other students.

Learn Skills That
Prepare For The Future

Did you know that computer programming jobs will grow by 26% in the next 10 years. Even many non-programming jobs are beginning integrate more computers into their workflows that require an understanding of logic and instructions - skills best learned by programming!

The Next Step Beyond
Toys and Online Tutorials

Toys and online tutorials are a great way to get an introduction to programming! CodeLab helps you start taking the next steps to develop your skills and start seeing real results!

Start Learning the World's Most Popular Programming Languages

Students get a head start learning the most popular and flexible programming languages at CodeLab.

Interested in
Graphic Design?

We also teach graphic design and illustration using modern programs such as Photoshop, Sketch, InVision Studio and more!

Logo Design
Graphic Design